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Graphic & Design

Your brand should be unique, tell your story, and build long-term relationships.

What is your brand?

Is it your logo? Is it your color palette? Is it the fonts that you use? How about your communication? How do you write your emails? How do you deal with customer feedback? The answer is very simple and so complex at the same time.

Your brand is the emotion people experience when they think of you.

Graphic & Design

Logo design

Stand out from the crowd with your very own logo. With a logo that tells your story and that suits your personality.

Graphic & Design

Brand style guide

Let's go beyond the design of the logo and create your personal corporate design with your individual color selection and the right fonts for your business.

Graphic & Design

Business cards & business stationery

The first impression counts. Ideally with a meaningful design for your business cards and business stationery.

Graphic & Design

Brochures & booklets

Convey your core message and your offers with informative brochures and booklets. Clear. Modern. Appealing. With that certain something.

Graphic & Design

Flyer & advertising material

Promote your business with printed advertising material that you can place and display anywhere. Be active. Be visible. Be everywhere.

Graphic & Design

Designs & templates for social media

With tailor-made design templates you go one step further and draw everyone's attention to you and your business.

Graphic & Design


Every event, every event and every celebration should be perfectly staged. It starts with the design of the invitation.

Graphic & Design


With individually designed postcards, messages, messages, congratulations and much more can be sent wonderfully and personally.

platzer. design your business


I like my clients. Together we create ideas and design visions. Great work has a purpose. It solves problems and creates opportunities for people to connect.

I love my work because it makes a difference, helps people to realize their dreams and visions and it is just more fun when everything worth the effort and approaching your goal step by step.

Website analysis

So that I can continuously develop my website and optimize it for you, I use a website analysis tool called "Matomo". Don't worry, none of the data recorded can identify you personally and will not be passed on to third parties. The data are only used to evaluate the flow of visitors. If you don't want this, you can also deactivate the website analysis.

Of course, you can also activate / deactivate the website analysis for the button in the footer at any later time. A detailed list of all cookies, their use and storage duration can be found in the privacy policy.